Safety & Medical


Be safe, have fun, and be competitive… always in that order.

The safety of our participants, volunteers and staff is our utmost priority.

It is critical that EVERY member on the team reads the entire Race Guide and become familiar with all rules in order to ensure the safety of all teammates. The Team Captain is responsible for the safe and respectful conduct of their teammates.

There are many potential hazards in a race of this type including, but not limited to: automobile traffic, road and trail conditions, and weather. We do everything we can to provide traffic control and medical services, but you will be running on public roads and it is ultimately your responsibility to look out for your safety and the safety of your teammates and other runners.

In an emergency – call 911 first and foremost! If you do not have cell phone reception, notify the nearest race official as they will be able to communicate with the nearest medical personnel. In non-critical situations, contact the volunteer medical staff roving the course. Emergency medical contact information will be provided in your start packet information at the start line.



  • Run on the side of the road designated in the Race Map for each leg.Whenever possible, we have you running against traffic, which is typical and standard for safety purposes. However, there are times when it is safer for you to run with traffic, and we have very thoughtfully determined such legs based on road crossings and the movement of traffic. (for example, if you are running uphill and the exchange points are on the right, it is safer to run on the right because cars travel slower uphill and less crossing of the road will be necessary).Even more dangerous than running on the wrong side of the road is when we have participants on BOTH sides of the road. Therefore, you will be penalized if you are spotted on the incorrect side of the road, as instructed/designated by the Race Map for that leg.
  • Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate. Alcohol and running combined can make you even more dehydrated then a usual running race. Please be sure to hydrate with water and electrolytes regularly to avoid dehydration.
  • iPods and audio devices: Our organization will allow the use of iPods and other headphone devices. We continue to stress that by using an audio device you will compromise your safety and that of others. If wearing an iPod or other audio device results in you not being able to hear verbal instructions or commands, or approaching vehicles, you may be asked to relinquish the device. We ask that you take responsibility and use good judgment if you opt to wear an audio device. We truly hope you will opt to leave your headsets at home and instead let the incredible scenery serve as your motivation and inspiration.